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kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography


Known as an alchemist, James Carey transforms photographs into pieces of storytelling art. By perfecting the pose and mastering the art of lighting, he fully captures the essence of the person. With over a decade of experience in video, film, and television production, James and his camera have truly evolved into an extraordinary pair.

Speaking of pairs, James’ counterpart, LaToya Carey, oversees operations, as well as all the personal touches needed to deliver a customized client experience. Being in the presence of LaToya is like reuniting with an old friend.

We have photographed and designed for countless individuals and businesses. We have spent a lot of time building up a reputation and making people look great. The most rewarding part of what we do is seeing how images create joy and happiness. Kenneth Grant Inzpirations loves turning each and every image and design into a lasting treasure and asset to be valued for a lifetime or even through the generations.


Instill confidence in the world through every image, transcending the ordinary to premier.


Our mission is to deliver premier images by offering a signature branding experience marked by clear communication, concise expectations, high-resolution imagery, and the use of advanced lighting techniques.

kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography
kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography


kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography

PROFESSIONALISM: Every aspect of this corporation is carefully handled with professionalism, from the first touchpoint of communication to the completion of the finished product. We treat every client with the utmost respect. The infusion of our knowledge, competency, and skill expands our ability to not only be problem solvers, but solution makers. We are the professionals. 

ETHICS: We exercise the highest forms of workplace ethics through uncompromised integrity and honesty. We're committed to doing what's right for the client, especially when no one else is looking; this includes recommending alternative solutions that fit the needs of the client above any personal gain. Ethics lives here.  ("Better to have a little, honestly earned, than to have a large income, dishonestly gained.")

kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography

CREATIVITY: We are the creatives. We utilize our creativity to craft a comprehensive branding message. We design forward-thinking assets to showcase each client's brand. We ensure that our level of creativity exceeds today's industry standards. In everything we do, we use our creativity to invoke thought, feeling, emotion, and intrigue. ("We were created, by the Creator, to create.")

CONNECTIONS: We have never met a stranger. We work hard to establish genuine connections by positioning ourselves as a trusted source of knowledge; extending hospitality, building effective communication by asking key questions and anticipating future needs. We cultivate every connection. 

kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography


LaToya Carey, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, hails from a rich family history in entrepreneurship and became a distinguished entrepreneur in the photography and design industry. Raised with an island influence from her Bahamian roots, LaToya's upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for culture and diversity.


After pursuing culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University in Miami, she pivoted and embarked on a journey into the banking sector, where she cultivated essential skills in interpersonal relationships, leadership, and financial expertise during her 14-year career.


In 2016, LaToya, alongside her husband, founded the award-winning Kenneth Grant Inzpirations, a photography and design studio named after their two sons. Her remarkable skill set propelled her to earn accolades such as the 2020 Forty Under Forty award.


LaToya's impressive contributions led to her being named the 2022 African American Entrepreneur Association’s Entrepreneur Of The Year and recognition as one of the "40 Most Influential Women in Business" by the NewsJournal Daytona Beach in 2023. Notably, she was awarded the 2023 Non-profit Woman of the Year for co-founding the Cultuvue Photography Exhibition, showcasing her dedication to community and the arts.


As the co-owner and creative director of Kenneth Grant Inzpirations, LaToya leads with unwavering passion, delivering personalized client experiences that feel like reuniting with an old friend. LaToya Carey is an exceptional entrepreneur, embodying dedication and a genuine love for her craft, making a significant mark in the world of photography and design.

kenneth grant inzpirtaions daytona beach port orange volusia florida portrait photography


James Carey, a highly accomplished photographer, was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He developed a passion for visual storytelling from a young age, which ultimately became the driving force behind his remarkable career in photography.


After studying at Florida Atlantic University in Film and Video Production, James embarked on a decade-long journey in television broadcast. During this period, he honed his skills and gained valuable experience while also making his mark as a producer and director, with three independent films to his credit.


In a significant turning point in his life, James decided to make the picturesque coastal city of Daytona Beach his new home. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise he had acquired in the world of cinema and television, he seamlessly transitioned into the realm of photography. His unique approach to lighting, composition, and storytelling breathed life into his photographic works, setting him apart in the industry.


James Carey, alongside his talented wife LaToya Carey, co-founded "Kenneth Grant Inzpirations," a photography and branding firm that has been a beacon of creativity and innovation for seven successful years. Their collaborative efforts have not only produced stunning visual content but also helped countless clients realize their branding and creative vision.


Beyond their business ventures, James and LaToya are committed to giving back to the community. They established a nonprofit organization that hosts an annual photography exhibition, showcasing positive representations of black culture through the art of fine-art portraiture. Their dedication to highlighting the youth and promoting diversity in the visual arts has made a significant impact, inspiring both aspiring photographers and the broader public.


James Carey's remarkable journey from the world of film and television to the realm of photography is a testament to his boundless creativity and unwavering dedication. His ability to capture the essence of life through his lens and his commitment to uplifting others through his nonprofit work make him not only a successful photographer but also a community leader and visionary.

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