Showing The Love

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Walking from the mailbox, sifting through the various pieces of mail, you see a couple that stick out. First, you take a look at the light bill. Did mistakenly leaving the A/C on a couple of times while at work raise it drastically? You're good at that, you usually catch those mistakes. Whew, it only raised it by ten dollars. That won’t happen again.

Ok, next piece of mail. You see that your sibling, who lives in a different city than you, sent you a Christmas card. Yeah, it is around the holidays now. You see their family and how big your nieces and nephews have grown. It’s cool to see them, but it’s even cooler to realize that they actually thought about you during this time of year.

Before you know it, in the same mail run, you have received another Christmas card. But this time it’s from your uncle Drew who makes a habit of sending humorous holiday cards dressed in the ugliest sweaters. He always find a way to bring a smile on your face. Again, your mind goes to the thought placed into creating the card and their willingness to include you into their thoughts. You begin to feel all warm inside.

You quickly think about how you can reciprocate the feeling of thoughtfulness and love to not only them, but let others know that you care. Phone calls are great, but you want to give them something that will be a lasting gesture. You certainly can’t travel to all of their homes. So, the example set by your sibling and funny uncle Drew proves to be a great way to accomplish your objectives. This year you make the decision to do personal portrait holiday cards, and let them know that they are sincerely in your thoughts.

Social media posts and text messaging, as immediate and convenient as they are, do not achieve the personable and unique touch. Whether it’s a family portrait, or a single portrait, you really convey a sense of warmth to those you send a holiday card. You have the time to get your portrait taken, and have a modern or traditional card designed in time for the holidays. KGI possesses the ability to not only capture your portrait, but deliver a creative holiday greeting card design with your portraits. Show those who you love and care about that you’re thinking of them in a timeless and unique way.

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