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Large arenas packed with high anticipation are seemingly scattered throughout the land this time of the year. Families and loved ones have readied themselves to show their exuberance for just that one special moment. Renowned speakers have checked their cue cards twice with the confidence of a flawless delivery. Faculty and staff attempt to keep their excitement concealed and under control, in hope to not show their fondness and pleasure for their favorites. And then there’s the honorees, dressed in long robes and caps, grinning ear to ear, looking forward to the climax of such a monumental journey. It’s their story of a fulfilled dream, a promised kept, a long and tedious yet satisfying road that is often missed because the conclusion to this part of life is often overshadowed by the hope and future education has to offer.

The revealing of one such story is why this blog was written. It was written to congratulate the efforts and finished race of one honoree: Salim Sani Makana.

Salim’s story started on the continent of Africa. Nigeria to be more specific. In the city of Katsina, Salim grew up with his family, who always had big dreams for him. His parents instilled into Salim at an early age the importance of family, and that he should always support and will have the support of his family unit. Even though success was wanted for Salim, he didn’t know the exact path for his success.

Salim excelled throughout grade school, but with no emphasis on what his career choice would be he continued to wonder which direction he should take. Some divine providence was needed. While attending a course in high school, providence showed its head. It just so happened that an admissions officer from Phoenix East Aviation was invited to speak to his class about the prospects of a future in aviation. Sounding wondrous and new, Salim listened intently to the words of the admissions officer. When the admissions officer stated that a career in aviation was one that the future job market needs, it resonated loudly within him. Sold! This was the resounding answer to the path that Salim would use to achieve the success he and his family had hoped for.

Salim ran home to tell his family about the exciting opportunity the admissions officer had explained to him. His family was thrilled about his enthusiasm for this new career option, but was taken aback where this option would lead him- the United States. Even though it may have sounded daunting, Salim knew this is what he wanted to do. To his amazement, the family agreed, and supported his vision.

Making the 5700 mile trip from Katsina, Nigeria, to Daytona Beach, FL, was a thrilling adventure for Salim, but also one that would take him from the comfort of his family. He realized that this new venture would be one that he needed to see through the very end. He enrolled at Emry Riddle Aeronautical University. His stay on campus wasn’t without it’s ups and downs, but did ended with his acceptance of a degree in Aeronautical Science! Salim graduated on December 15th, 2018. He looks forward to begin his long awaited career as a pilot here in the United States.

Never forgetting his family, Salim wanted something commemorative to acknowledge the importance of his family’s support throughout his time at ERAU and all the lifelong advice given. He came to Kenneth Grant Inzpirations to create an apparel design for a t-shirt that would do just that. KGI took on the challenge, and was honor to be a part of something so special to Salim.

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