Grease Is For Cooking

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Ever took a picture and hated it from the moment you looked at it?  Did your face appear too “shiny” or “greasy”? This "greasy" or "oily" look comes from the flash on the camera as it glistens off the natural oils produced by the glands in our skin.

There are areas of the face that naturally produce more of these oils than the rest. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what is known as the “T” zone (and no, it doesn’t stand for the twilight zone).

The T Zone gets its name fromt the shape it forms on the face

The “T” zone is identified by the shape of the letter T that the glands which produce the natural oils form. The vertical line of the “T” starts from the brow and continues down to the chin. The horizontal line of the “T” starts from one cheek and extends to the other. This area is especially important to a MUA (makeup artists) and should be important to common folk to concentrate on in order to reduce the oils so they won’t shine when flash photography is introduced.

Especially for people of color, the skin naturally produces more of these natural oils than other ethnicities. But to better help all ethnicities take more appealing pictures, there are some things we can do:

               - First, if you are taking professional portraits, a professional MUA is highly recommended, but even a good friend who can help lay a foundation (of makeup) will work, too. And yes, even men can benefit from the use of a little makeup! It may feel weird and uncomfortable, but the end result will be amazing

- If you are not going to go the route of makeup, prior to you taking your portraits, you can use a skin cleanser. This will aid in reducing the amount of natural oil build up. You can also take a small amount of rubbing alcohol and place it on a cotton hand towel and remove excess oil. Do not use too much. You can have the opposite affect and dry your skin out

               - If you’re simply taking pictures for the fun of it, or just want to capture memories, keep a small towel near by to help wipe away any build up of excess oil. Doing this simple measure will help ensure that we don’t have to continue to appear “shiny” nor “greasy” in any more of our portraits

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