Imagine if all things in life would come easy. If only things turned out how we planned them to. Doing so would make life grand, right? Well, Shanicka Tairu discovered that it’s the challenges, changes and uncertainties of life that make life interesting, fulfilling and worth living.

The daughter of a National Guardsman, Shanicka experienced childhood in various locations. Born in Orlando, FL, the family would have stops in Miami, FL, and Tennessee, before settling into Jonesboro, GA. Her family is comprised of mom and dad, one brother, Shanicka, and three sisters. It would be Shanicka that grew up to be a bonified daddy’s girl.

The start of high school would challenge the relationship with her dad. As a direct result of being a National Guardsman, her dad was assigned a deployment that lasted for over a year, causing a distance between the two that Shanicka was unaccustomed. This caused her to lean on her relationship with her mother, which was turbulent at the beginning of the deployment, but eventually led to Shanicka recognizing the strength displayed by mom during this difficult time. She would later duplicate the strength she witnessed from her mom in her own times of struggle.

Jonesboro High School is where she solidified the two loves of her life: volleyball and Jesus. Volleyball gave structure, team-oriented focus and physical fitness to Shanicka. She credits her head coach for being a stimulating factor in her life, always pushing her to be better. As with many in their high school years, Shanicka sought out her identity, of who she was in the world. Making bad decisions was a consequence of this process. She tributes a close friend that continuously encouraged her in a relationship with Jesus Christ. “She was so committed to me, helping me see who I was in God’s eyes,” Shanicka stated.

Shanicka realized that since she loved volleyball so much, she could utilize it to gain a scholarship for her postsecondary education. She decided upon Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL, because her parents are alumnus. Only thing, B-CU didn’t offer her a scholarship. Challenge accepted. Shanicka walked on her freshman year. And after hard work and determination, she earned her scholarship for the remaining three years of her undergraduate degree in elementary education.

A friend on the B-CU campus urged Shanicka to attend a bible study. There, she met a young gentleman, Mykal Tairu. There was no immediate attraction for her since she was already spoken for. Many of the bible study members began to join a local church, Daytona Christin Center. Shanicka did as well. Mykal followed suit. Both were a part of the same Greek organization on campus, so the familiarity only multiplied. The bond between them grew, eventually becoming an official couple after Shanicka sidelined the former boyfriend.

The relationship grew intensely. The two got married after each graduated. Shanicka began to work in her field as a teacher at Warner Christian Academy. She soon transitioned to where she is currently employed at Westside Elementary in Daytona Beach, FL. Shanicka explained, “I love serving the kids, but I knew I loved serving people in general. Something inside said there has to be more.”

Revisiting her passion for physical fitness from her volleyball days, and her first experience with an amazing personal trainer, Shanicka discerned that she could use exercise as a vehicle to ignite a venture that will satisfy her desire to help enrich people’s lives. She named the company, Purposely Fit. Instead of just focusing on exercising the body, her mission would be to strengthen the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of her clients’ lives. Her regimen focuses on the whole person.

Shanicka took the leap, not waiting for all things to be ‘perfect’. She started by offering in-person classes at her local church. She solicited Mykal’s help by having him clean out the garage to create an in-home studio where she could train. She utilized social media platforms to target marketing ads to potential clients. Shanicka took her branding serious, acquiring branding assets in all phases of business. She began accepting clients to train. And then, Covid-19 hit.

Undaunted, Shanicka quickly pivoted to move her business online. She offers free virtual group workouts via Zoom. She owns a Youtube channel that offers fitness tips titled, Free Tip Tuesdays, and workout videos. She remains consistent with her social presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. She has brand apparel for purchase. From this, she has seen her business and reach expand during a time when many small businesses are struggling. When the state reopened, her aqua fitness class held at the Plaza Resort and Spa on Saturdays is full to capacity.

Shanicka credits her relationship with God, her professional mentor and her tenacity with the growth experienced during troubling times. Her tips for anyone in business:

1. Value your time. Make sure that your using it wisely. It’s one thing you can never get back.

2. Don’t quit. Even though things may be hard, don’t be overcome by the situation.

3. Be faithful over your small business. If you continue to do the right thing, you will begin to see growth.

4. Write down your goals. Set expectation and see it through.

Being the mother of three girls, all below the age of 5, a devoted wife, an education professional, serving at her local church, and a business owner requires much of Shanicka. The intentionality of her health is paramount to the success of her effectiveness in operating in each capacity. She realizes that her busy lifestyle mirrors that of many women and married couples today, and offers her services as a way to help educate and equip the total wellness of every individual so they won’t walk around depleted in life.

To schedule your session today, or to find out more information, contact Purposely Fit at 386-243-9544. You also can check out Purposely Fit on Facebook @pfit3 and Instagram @purposelyfit_3.

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