At Grandma's House

Remember walking into your grandmother’s house when you were little, and the sights, sounds and smells made distinctive imprints on you?

Maybe she was in the kitchen baking or cooking her famous recipe, and you smell heaven being emitted. Maybe she had Gunsmoke, or Matlock, or Ponderosa playing on the television set in the living room. But definitely, located on her walls or bookshelves, in her home were pictures of different family members, some in which she was included. Especially the hallway.

You could see your uncles and aunts looking unfamiliar as their younger selves, momma or daddy missing a tooth as they posed for school pictures, and people you didn’t even know that were apart of your family.

They were framed in different styled and sized picture frames that made a unique design of their own as they hung on the wall. Portrait styled frames (the vertical ones). Landscaped styled frames (the horizontal ones). Those in black and white, and those in color. You even had the ones that showed signs of aging with the black dots on them, and even portions of the picture missing, that weren’t printed in full color.

In these portraits were relatives getting married, taking yearbook photos, those on vacation, newborns having their first pictures taken and little ones taking first steps, family members standing in front of the cruise ship steering wheel, and headshots of individuals who excelled in the business arena.

All of the portraits represented grandmother’s collection of memories that helped her stay attached to those she loved. It’s like a time capsule for her memories. She, and everyone who visited her home, can peer at them at any time and recount or inquire about each’s significance.

Today, with the tech revolution, today’s homes are not filled with time capsules like year’s past. It would be a stretch just to find a hand full of portraits that breathe a sense of life inside a home. Milestones such as your child’s first birthday or senior year graduation, life-changing moments like your wedding day or pregnancy, and statement events like being a member of a sports team or achieving success professionally should all be commemorated by having a portrait represent that moment in time.

This can be done scheduling a creative session with a photographer, and then by having either a nice photo print or a more impressive canvas print created. Whatever your preference, supply your home with moments that will have you and those who enter filled with thoughts reminiscent of good times, or inquiries of what made those moments so special. Make grandma proud.

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