We're here to make your child's picture day a smooth and great experience.


Do you offer parents a variety of portrait package prices?

Yes. We are sensitive to family budgets. We offer packages ranging from $25 to $55.

How do I order portraits of my child on picture day?

Your child should receive our order form from the school approximately one week before picture day. On picture day, your child will bring the completed order form with payment to the school. Order forms will also be available the day of.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, KGI offers you a 10% discount on all packages pre-ordered and paid for by October 2, 2019.

What methods of payment do you accept?

KGI accepts cash or money orders payable to Kenneth Grant Inzpirations. KGI does not accept checks.

Can I write one check for two or more children?

KGI does not accept checks. Please enclose cash or money orders payable to Kenneth Grant Inzpirations. You MUST use a separate order envelope for each student. When paying for more than one student in your family, you may place full payment in one envelope, but you MUST complete an order envelope for each student. Please note your method of payment arrangements on each student's envelope.

Can I see my child's portraits before I purchase them?

Yes you can! If you prefer not to take advantage of the pre-order discount simply wait for Portrait Proofs will be sent home with your child in approximately 3 weeks from the date of their portrait day.

What should my child wear for their school portrait?

We recommend you choose a favorite shirt, blouse, dress or sweater. Please ensure clothing is clean and neatly pressed. Try to avoid solid white as it can sometimes draw attention away from their great smile! Also, any wording or bold designs can call attention to itself. We want all the focus to be on your child's beautiful face! Your child also has the option of changing into school uniform after portraits have been taken.

Can siblings pose together for school pictures?

Yes! We highly recommend they do. You can now purchase any package as a siblings package. Kenneth Grant Inzpirations

What if my child misses Portrait Day?

KGI will be returning to the school for retakes and make-ups of 5 or more students. This day is for anyone who is not satisfied with portraits, missed portrait day, or is new at school since portraits were taken.

Can I order "Add-Ons" only?

Add-ons can only be ordered with the purchase of a package.

We really love our portraits– can we order more?

Certainly! Simpy contact a KGI representative to place your additional order at 386-243-5532 or info@kginzpirations.com . Shipping and Handling will apply.

What if my child refuses to have their photo taken?

We may ask for assistance from the teacher to encourage the student to reconsider but KGI respects the rights of any student who refuses. Kenneth Grant Inzpirations

Can I order my child's pictures from last year?

Sure! Simpy contact a KGI representative for additional information at 386-243-5532 or info@kginzpirations.com.

When will my child's portraits be delivered?

You can expect your child's portraits to be delivered to the school 6-7 weeks after picture day.

Can faculty, staff and administrators order portrait packages?

Yes. However, we do provide school personnel one image at no cost.

Can I copy or scan my child's school pictures?

Respectfully, no. Copyright laws clearly protect the "maker" of professionally produced portraits, and it is unlawful to copy, scan, or otherwise reproduce our, or any other company's, school portraits. If you want to use a school picture we made for you on a cake, or a belt buckle for instance, call us and we can give you permission for specific products like those. We will give you a release form which gives permission to reproduce the image.

Who do I contact for help with additional questions?

Simpy contact a KGI representative for additional questions at 386-243-5532 or info@kginzpirations.com

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