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Tranesia Harmon

"I Am Good Enough"

This feature has an Associate of Science in Nursing degree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, six and a half years of experience as a practical nurse, and four plus years of experience working at Daytona State College. She has a work ethic, a tenacity factor that helps her achieve goals, and a sense of empathy to better understand and communicate with the people she interacts with. She has newfound confidence in her abilities and intelligence, a willingness to learn and get better, along with a love and respect for others. All these things and more make up the person that is Tranesia Harmon.

Born Christmas Eve of 1984, Harmon was born into a family of six, with her being the oldest of 4 children. The times in her childhood she enjoyed the most came when she was surrounded by family, all of them spending quality time with one another. Times she would hope her father and her brothers could head out in his truck after family meetings to 7–Eleven. She recalls how she would spend summers having fun with her brothers and cousins out at her grandparents’ farm. Her life as a youth was enjoyable in most years but in her senior year of high school, her house burned down. Though it caused a great deal of trouble, such as them temporarily living between hotels and rough neighborhoods, the result had them living in a nice area and a newly purchased home.

Growing up, Harmon credits God with helping her to mature, mentally grow, and personally develop saying that He placed people in her path, instituted a support system to sustain, encourage, and offer knowledge. Along with that, she credits her parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and sister-friends. They all helped her become who she is today, learning different things from each of them, with them all contributing to her spiritual and mental growth. All the development had come into practice when she was applying for nursing school. Because of the different requirements she didn’t meet, the school wasn’t willing to accept her. Instead of giving up, she transferred schools and applied for a Practical Nurse (PN) program, getting accepted.

Some years later, she went back to school to take the entrance exam for registered nurse (RN) transition program. The first time she ended up not passing, so she took it again. When met with the results, Harmon was hurt and disappointed, concluding that nursing wasn’t for her. Almost three years later, she took a stab at it once again, and passed achieving the goal set for herself. Looking back, she understands now not to doubt oneself with thoughts of “Am I good enough, smart enough, and can I do this?”

Tranesia’s nursing career started in 2008 when she graduated from Daytona State College (DSC) with a Practical Nursing Degree. With that she worked Licensed Practical Nurse for 6 1/2 years. During that time, she served as a rehabilitation, long-term care, Alzheimer’s, and hospice nurse. She then returned to DSC in 2015 and received her Associate of Science degree in Nursing. Following that, she began working as a Registered Nurse, specifically in the rehabilitation and skilled arenas. After about a year, she then went to work as a neurological, critical care, and critical care relief charge nurse, along with dabbling in home health for a few months. Ending her career in 2018, she went to work for her Alma Mater, DSC, where she currently works as an assistant professor.

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