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Tonia Monroe

"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Tonia “Toni” Monroe, 29, was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL. Growing up in a multicultural home had its unique experiences. Tonia is biracial, having Black and white parents, and her relationship with her sister, Tia, is what can only be described as special. They grew up very close, and as Tonia would say that Tia is one of the most influential people in her life.

Tonia childhood memories centers uniquely around her dog. The times she spent with him provided a sense of a non-judgmental and innocent space to interact with someone other than herself and Tia. While in high school, Tonia loved being a part of the Atlantic High School band.  She also was in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. JROTC offered her discipline and structure.

Her step to attend and graduate college presented her with a unique set of challenges, but one that also became one of her greatest accomplishments. “I was faced with the challenge of either giving up on completing college or pay for all of it out of pocket. I chose to fight for my education.” Tonia worked in retail banking. “And with the motivation of my significant other, Cedric, and his family, I was able to complete my BAS in Business Administration and Management, minor in Entrepreneurship in 2018 - with honors! Going through the experience of paying for college out of pocket with little money taught me a lot about budgeting, living below my means, and being grateful to those that offer help.”

After college, Tonia decided to make a major move. She and Cedric packed their bags and headed to Georgia. “Moving away from my home was also a big achievement, as it allowed me to not only experience life from a different viewpoint, but to allow me to enjoy missing being home.”

Tonia and Cedric have a beautiful girl, Galaxy. “Crafting with my daughter, Galaxy, is definitely my most favorite thing to do for fun!” They also have another daughter, Golden, that is expected on February 14th.

Since her time in Georgia, Tonia has formed her own business, Organization and Me. She helps businesses and individuals get their professional lives organized through tips, customized hands-on consulting, and research on products. “My main gain goal is to get as many businesses physically organized as possible! I enjoy helping others, and this goal can help multiple people at the same time.”

“I have multiple people to thank as my influences. My partner of 11 years, Cedric, for accepting me as I came and allowing me to grow into the woman I became. My sister, Tia, for being the one who saved my life (I almost committed suicide). My dear friend, LaToya, for always being honest with me, and giving me that tough love that I was missing and needing. She's also been my ultimate mom/woman/businesswoman role model. To my daughters for keeping me grounded, focused, and over the moon with happiness.”

“I would like to be remembered as genuinely happy! I've worked really hard to secure happiness in my life, and I fully intend on keeping it!”

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