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Tiara King

"Step Out"

Born and raised in Florida, 33-year-old Tiara King is a funny, encouraging, and driven woman, who has a heart for others. Her mantra: “They said she couldn’t, so she did.” Over her lifetime, she’s proven to the people who have doubted her that she is more than capable of accomplishing anything that she puts her mind to. Currently, King is single and raising a daughter. In her free time, she enjoys singing, dancing, and reading.

Growing up, music was very influential to Tiara. Because of that, she played the flute and the clarinet in both her middle school and high school bands. The memories of which stuck with her up until now. As a young girl, King was taught to help others whenever she could, as her parents were also helpers in the community. They instilled mentalities of selflessness in her and her brother, and, as a result, they both grew up to pursue jobs which focus on helping others.

“My main achievement in life, besides being a mother, is becoming a police officer in the very same community I grew up in”, King states as she reflects on her life’s accomplishments so far. Currently, she is a detective, working specifically in sex crimes, elderly abuse, and child abuse. King has received several awards and accommodations since first becoming a police officer. She’s also had life-changing experiences since then. “I’ve come into contact with people I was able to help, and I’ve also made contact with people who were able to help and educate me. It helped me realize no matter what position [you’re currently in], you’ll forever have room to grow and learn from anyone.”

King reflects on an instance when she experienced a setback which she had to grow and learn from: “I remember a time I interviewed for a specialized unit within my department. I worked hard and prepared the best I knew how. Unfortunately, I did not get the position. The advice I [received], was to step outside [my] comfort zone while working. Take the difficult calls, excel in them, and try again. I took that advice and applied [it] to my work. I took every hard call I could and wrote the more difficult reports. I became more skilled in my craft. When it was time to interview for the specialized unit again, I was offered the position.”

Over the past 33 years of her life, the most important lesson that Tiara King has learned is that sometimes you have to step out by faith and just do what you’ve desired to do, even if it scares you. In the future she plans on continuing to excel her life and career, and ultimately, she wants to be remembered as the person that lights up a dull, gloomy room. A person who provides encouragement and optimism when no one else can see the good in the moment.

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