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Sue-Ellen Griffith


Sue-Ellen Griffith, 42, was born on November 19, 1980, in Barbados. Being an island girl, she loves being near the beach (and, really, any form of water). She also thoroughly enjoys photography and traveling, as they both allow her to see the world through a different lens. Sue-Ellen has always strived to become a better version of herself. She spent time getting to know her strengths, so she could build on them, and her weaknesses, so she could eliminate them.

As a child, Sue-Ellen’s grandmother was a key influence in her blossoming into the woman she is today. “She developed my love for creativity and was a great support through the years.” Additionally, she reflects on her parents’ impact on her development. “[They] have both been supportive and instilled in me that, regardless of my choices, they love me. However, they were not shy about letting me know that my actions always have a consequence and to think about that before I make a decision.” Looking back, she respects how her parents’ approach to raising her allowed her to learn and grow from her mistakes, as well as celebrate her victories.

Throughout her school experience, Griffith can’t really single out one moment that stood out above the rest. Rather, she focuses on how much she generally enjoyed the entire experience. “I attended both public and private institutions. The education system in Barbados is quite good regardless of which one you attend… I have great memories throughout those years. My schools were diverse, which allowed a mix of cultures.” She’s enjoyed both academics and sports, though academics took a clear first place. Her favorite memories growing up include traveling, which she was able to do a lot of due to the type of job her father had. Going to new places and learning about their cultures thrilled her, and the memories stick with her to this day.

As she reflects on her life, Sue-Ellen has difficulty pinpointing major setbacks, because she was able to lift herself through them all. “I have a good support system and faith. That is how I manage to survive and thrive. Did I always get everything I wanted? No! [But] I did not dwell on it and simply found another path. When something did not work out, such as a job, grades, or a relationship, I took it as guidance from God.” Today, she sits on the board of directors of the hospital in her new community and is involved in wellness for physicians.

Many goals of Sue-Ellen’s have been accomplished already. For example, she completed college and university and achieved her goal of becoming a physician. She thinks back on some of the lessons she’s learned as she sought out to achieve her goals: “My world view has been molded by various life experiences. In order to overcome some of my weaknesses, I sought out opportunities to challenge myself to grow in those areas, and, although most were through various jobs I had growing up, I learned about people... Each of us has a different worldview and we need to respect that, even if we do not accept it. My faith has always been how I overcame setbacks. I took my time and grieved the experience and then moved forward.”

Above everything else, the most important lesson she’s learned is to put God first in everything you do. Although she’s grateful for the success and opportunities she’s had to learn and develop, Griffith feels that she still has a great deal to accomplish in life. In the future, she wants to continue to grow, both personally and professionally, learn new skills, and explore the world, learning about cultures. Ultimately, she just wants to be remembered as a good person who treated others well and cared for her family.

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