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Phebe Fuqua

"Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it."

"Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it." That’s Phebe Fuqua’s favorite life quote. Born in Flowood, MS, on June 4, 1987, Phebe’s experiences would test the validity of that statement.

As a child, Phebe’s parents did a great job building amazing experiences with her brother, Daniel, and her. “I remember going back to the “country” in Mississippi to visit our grandparents. My dad’s family had a huge farm with many acres of land.” The family loved taking those trips.

She developed a love for music while in grade school. “Mr. Kevin Gillard my middle school band director really shaped me into not allowing fear to overcome me. He allowed me to be the Head Drum Major, which for an extremely shy person, it brought out the leader and courage in me.”

She continued her love of music into high school, even venturing into pageants and modeling, winning the title Miss Black Florida Teen USA 2003-2004. Something tragic happened, though. “The worst memory of my childhood was losing my grandparents. It was so sad because it literally felt like something was missing from my life.” She battled on to continue with life.

She attended college Florida A&M University. Another event there would test her response quote. Phebe was in a major car accident while at FAMU. It was so bad that after several x-rays, her ribs, pelvic, and shoulder was fractured. Her lungs also punctured. How did she respond? With prayer. “After my mother and mini church people prayed, two days later, after several x-rays again, there were no broken bones at all in my body.”

She went to finish school. Phebe got married, and had 3 children, Amaziah, Jaylisa, and Hezekiah J. Reaves. Another test came. She got divorced. Her response was to continue to be a great parent to her kids. But another major test was yet to come.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. “After a double mastectomy, my life changed drastically, but with a positive attitude and an intentional, go-getter-spirit, things have excelled. I more than an overcomer. I daily encourage others to excel.” With that go-getter spirit, she was able to accomplish:

- Awarded the Top 50 Women in Accounting for two years

- 40 Under Forty Top Business Professionals in the Flagler and Volusia County area for two years.

- Winning Political Campaigns in US and Internationally (Prime Minister and Deputy Leaders

- Recognized amongst the top 40 Influential Businesswomen in the Flagler and Volusia County area for two years.

- Won Who’s Who America’s Business owners award for last five years consistently.

- Earned the Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide 2022 award

“My main achievement was when I started my own business. That has always been a dream of mine.” And she has excelled in her passion.

This self-described inspiring, resilient, and ambitious woman loves traveling. She dedicates some of her time with Black Pilots of America, serves over the Women and Youth in Aviation, is the worship leader and musician for Word and Praise Family Church, volunteers at the Wanda and Janice Wilson Foundation, is the Vice President of Operations for the Volusia/Flagler Urban Chamber of Commerce, to name few.

She loves solving problems. One of Phebe’s main goals is to grow her businesses and become a world-wide speaker and strategist, while operating with integrity “and treating people with respect.” She wants to be truly remembered for “impacting to make a difference in people’s lives.” Her life’s response is awesome.

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