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Kiera Williams

“Glass Half Full”

Kiera Williams, 16, is a multi-sport athlete from Daytona Beach, FL. Raised by her mom, Kerry Chiaravalle, (the biggest and best supporter known to man) and her dad, Damien Briggs (a huge inspiration to her), she’s had an overflow of love and encouragement in her life. In addition to her rockstar parents, she has an aunt, Kim Tiffany, who’s always been there whenever Kiera needed her, and two brothers, Damien and Aiden, who keep her in touch with her childish side and show up for her at every single sporting event.

Not only does she have an amazing family by blood, but a loving and supportive family of her own creation. Her coach, Coach Mitchell, has looked out for her since she was in elementary school, giving her valuable advice that she carries with her to this day. Her dance instructor, Mrs. Debby, has been in her life since she was just two years old and taught her how to appreciate life and herself, instilling a positive outlook in her. Lastly, there’s Mrs. Stafford, who is one of the closest people in Kiera’s life. “I tell her everything, and sometimes she even helps me check myself.” These three individuals play an important role in Kiera’s life and she loves them all like family.

Track is one of Kiera’s favorite sports, and she even made it to the State Championships with her team last year. Unfortunately, they weren’t the winners, but they took that loss as motivation. Over the summer they trained vigorously together, in fall they did cross country to build endurance, and during school breaks they consistently work to come back stronger and faster.

In the future, Kiera wants to run at a D1 school and then move on to running professionally. She’d also like to spend time working for Doctors without Borders and become a sports physician.

Not only is she quick on her feet, but she’s quick witted as well. In fact, one of the highlights of Kiera’s life was when she got the opportunity to represent her school and county at the state science fair. “This experience allowed me to see the world differently and to think of different issues that could be tackled to make a difference in the world.” Additionally, she’s made straight A’s for the entirety of her life and is currently dual enrolled at Daytona State College, on track to earn her AA degree before graduating high school. She’s earned awards such as the Naval Science Award, Honor Roll, Academic All American, Rookie of the Year (Track), School Leader, Award of Excellence, and JV Offensive Player of the Year (Flag Football), proving herself to be a truly exceptional and well-rounded young woman.

Kiera’s motto is: “You only live once. Live life to the fullest.” Adopting a “glass half full” viewpoint, she does her best to be the kind of person who is friendly and brightens everyone’s day. In her eyes, having an outgoing personality is one of her greatest strengths. It’s useful for making new connections and bringing cheer and positivity into people’s lives, especially those who need it most.

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