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Jill Holmes

"Passionate and Loving"

Jill Melissa Arlaud Holmes, 29, was born in the Republic of Suriname in South America. She’s a passionate and loving woman, who loves to do things like paint, read, model, and spend time outdoors in her free time. Newly married, she and her husband Devin Holmes are enjoying and exploring married life together.

Growing up, Jill consistently participated in athletic activities. Specifically, she and her family were involved in swimming, volleyball, and basketball. Being involved in sports as a young girl served as a precursor to her college experience playing D-1 volleyball. Some of Holmes’s best childhood memories include spending time with family for vacations/trips and the holidays, while the worst are centered around her struggles with low confidence.

After her first semester in college playing D-1 volleyball, Jill contemplated quitting. She had difficulty adjusting to such a high level of volleyball and really missed her immediate family back in Suriname. Although it was hard, Jill finished the full academic year, with the help of her parents’ advice and encouragement. “I truly tried my best to adjust to my new life and ended up getting the award for ‘Hardest Working Freshman’.” In the fall of 2016, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology – a decision that completely changed her life in America.

Since earning her Bachelor’s in Psychology, Holmes also earned her Master’s in Marriage, Couple’s, and Family Counseling. She was a graduate assistant in athletics, an intern therapist (in community setting), a school-based therapist, and is now a residential living coordinator. She’s an active member at Faith Life

International Church, and, as her job requires, she is involved in campus activities at Stetson University.

Jill Melissa Arlaud Holmes is a young and determined, Christian woman. She considers one of the highlights of her life to be creating a relationship with God. In the future, she plans on becoming debt free, owning a home, having children, continuing to develop her leadership skills and modeling expertise, and, finally, blessing others in the best way she can. Holmes would like to be remembered as a woman who put God first and always continued to grow and move forward in life, regardless of the setbacks.

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