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Jakara Lewis

"Transform Positive Thoughts Into Powerful Actions"

Jakara Lewis is an entrepreneur and author who’s written books for youth and adults to help students in grade school as well as college to achieve success. She was born on June 9th, 1990, and throughout her childhood until now, she’s personally developed and mature by studying people operating within unconventional arenas and succeeding in their craft. She’s been inspired by “people who have the ability to take a complex thought, transform it into an action, and yield an impactful result,” she says, and now realizes the difference in those believing anything is possible and those willing to turn their thoughts into actions. She observed of how some can “transform positive thoughts into powerful actions,” and help others while they’re at it. Watching others dominate their fields of service has heavily shaped her to becoming the author she is today.

Before starting on authoring, Lewis studied at Bethune Cookman University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science Education degree from Nova Southeastern University. Along with her current degrees, Lewis is in progress to obtain a Doctorate in Education also from Nova. In 2012, she started her entrepreneurial ventures, starting a tutoring service called Exceptional Studies Tutoring. After finishing that chapter, she became a math teacher in 2015, informing and teaching youth until 2015, where then started her business, House of JYL. In 2019, as she began to write more books, she opened her third company in, Lewis & Wilder Publishing, to handle the producing matters of being an author.

When not working, Lewis loves game nights with loved ones and friends, along with indulging in shopping, reading, and baking. With baking, she’s encountered multiple failures, leading her to becoming more patient and persistent. In her first projects, such as pound cake, sweet potato pie, and red velvet cake, she found success in the outcome, and from there she assumed that baking was just about reading and following the instructions given. Seeing that Lewis could bake, her grandmother requested a lemon pound cake, which she got to work on. Because of her past success with pound cake, she thought the task would be smooth sailing but when she finished, the cake turned out appalling.

Trying again, she baked one the next week, with the result being more atrocious than the first. She was left devastated; not understanding why she wasn’t finding success in a hobby she genuinely enjoyed. She then realized the problem, overconfidence, and how she thought she was ready for extravagant cakes when she wasn’t. She then reverted to the original pound cake recipe and simply added the lemon flavor. Lewis has learned from this hobby and experience to “not make assumptions about that which I have no knowledge of,” and that it’s fine to start from the bottom in terms of difficulty, and to work upwards from there.

Lewis doesn’t stop achieving, whether in the kitchen, or her writing space, wanting to accomplish big things in the future. She has goals of writing and publishing 100 works, gaining six-figure earnings from public speaking, and opening the “Jakara Lewis Visionary Center” to name a few. She’s learned the importance of patience and tenacity, along with the need to step back and appreciate all that has been completed. Though not a mother or a wife just yet, she wants to be remembered as a “as a loving mother, amazing wife, and an inspiration to anyone who has ever had a dream.”

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