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Faith Bryant

"Never Stop Learning"

Faith Bryant, born January 7th, 1979, was raised in a rough neighborhood in Hollywood, FL. She experienced bullying, which she hates until today. She had quite a few issues in life where she could have simply accepted failure, but she fought to ensure that her children Davion, Nicholas, Faith (Princess), and new addition TJ would live a life different from hers. Faith has taken all her past experiences and turned them into life lessons. She believes one of the most important values in life is remaining teachable.

When she was in high school, Faith decided that she would not attend to college. In her mind it was a waste of money, and it made more sense to gain experience by “doing” rather than learning. However, her world changed when she learned of her pregnancy and would be a teen mother. Even though things became tougher for her, she pushed through to her high school graduation. Three years after graduation, Faith found herself a divorced and unemployed mother of three. With seemingly no other options, she reluctantly started her 17-year journey toward getting her bachelor’s degree.

It took time to obtain her degree because she “was juggling too many things at once” and “could not focus.” So, her grades slipped to the point where Bryant was put on academic probation. In 2008, she’d stopped going to school altogether and took a 10-year hiatus, during which she decided she wouldn’t even attempt to finish. She put everything on the back burner and spent her years tending to her children.

In 2017, Faith married her husband, Terry Bryant. Terry made it his mission to push her to achieve the academic goals she’d put off. In 2018, she went back to school and with his help and encouragement, she earned a place on both the Dean’s and President’s Honor Lists. She even went on to earn her Master of Science degree in Strategic Communication in 2021. Today, Faith is the Work Experience Coordinator for the college of technology at DSC, helping students find and prepare for internships.

Bryant was determined to mold her children into excellent men and women, each one so much more than a statistic, and she’s accomplishing just that. Her aspirations are writing a book and to become a full-time college professor.Fueled by her most important lesson, “Nothing is impossible with God”, this peaceful, powerful, and prayerful woman is turning life’s grapes into wine.

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