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Dashandra Harris

"Every Day Is A New Day"

Dashandra Harris, 24, born October 12, 1998, in Miami, Florida. She describes herself as a lovable, humble, and unique young woman, who loves to dance and spend time with family in her free time. Family, faith, and strength all hold great value to her, as she deems them to each have a special and unique importance in life.

Harris grew up with six sisters on her mother’s side and four brothers and one sister on her dad’s. She had a large family. As a child, she grew up admiring her grandmother, a retired police officer. “My grandmother has the heart of pure joy and love. She has always been supportive”, she states. When she grew older, Dashandra decided to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother and become a police officer as well.

Graduating high school proved to be challenging for her, because at 18 she had her son, Aiden. Not only that, but Dashandra battled sickle cell for much of her life and is still fighting to this day. She opens up about the lessons she’s learned having experienced these bumps in the road: “Nothing is a failure.

Everything is a learning experience.” Admirably, Harris beat the odds and graduated high school. Afterwards, she attended Bethune Cookman University.

Thinking back on all her life’s accomplishments so far, Harris is proud of herself for passing the academy and finishing phase one training. She’s also very proud of how she raised her six-year-old, Aiden. When asked what her goals for the future are, Harris replied, “to not die on duty”, as well as to retire and live a good life.

Over her lifetime, the most important lesson that Dashandra has learned and would like to share with others is to stop worrying about the past. Every day is a new day packed with new opportunities. She hopes to be remembered as a good woman who was a loving mother, daughter, sibling, and friend. A person who could always make everyone laugh.

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