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D'Lorah Butts-Lucas

“Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy.” – Stephen Covey.
Fun-Loving D’Lorah Butts-Lucas lives by this motto and is determined to enjoy life and everything that comes with it.

“Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy.” – Stephen Covey. Fun-Loving D’Lorah Butts-Lucas lives by this motto and is determined to enjoy life and everything that comes with it. Ms. Butts-Lucas is a free bird with no husband or children. She puts her time into things that excite her, such as ministry. In fact, for twenty years she has done missions work in West Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia! Clearly, she has a heart for others. As of today, she’s an attorney, business owner, and nonprofit leader.

“Leadership started early for me”, she says. “In elementary, I was the student government president… In high school, I participated in several organizations, from French Club to Math Club, and even the handbell choir.” Yes, handbell. Additionally, D’Lorah became the varsity track team MVP (her freshman year!), Miss Mainland, varsity cheerleader captain, and senior class president. Needless to say, she had plenty of school spirit.

People who were essential to the evolution of her character include her mother, who taught her to “love deeply, freely, and unconditionally”, her father, who instilled discipline and determination in her, her pastors, who encourage her to consistently strive to live a life pleasing to God, and her business mentors, who motivate her to seek personal growth and self-development. One of the hardest moments in her life took place in church, where she watched her grandmother collapse from a heart attack as she was speaking. After a month and a half of hospitalization, her grandmother unfortunately never recovered. D’Lorah describes this as her worst memory.

Her greatest achievements include receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Human & Organizational Development, her Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology with a focus in Missiology & Intercultural Studies, and her Juris Doctor degree. Additionally, she led the re-opening and even served as the Executive Director of Nyame Bekyere Christian School in Ghana, West Africa. She explains that the school is in a rural village and now serves over 100 students who would have otherwise been without education. Currently, she’s the founder and principal attorney of the Business and Nonprofit Legal Center, an independent business owner of ACN, Inc., and the founder and president of Suddenly Joyful Global Missions, Inc.

D’Lorah desires to become a better communicator and leader. She states, “Success in business and life begins with effective communication and leadership skills.” Additionally, the success of a business requires drive, which she has more than enough of. One of the most important lessons she’s learned over the course of her life is that it takes faith and perseverance to accomplish anything great.

When it comes to her future, D'Lorah has a lot in mind for herself. With plans to increase Suddenly Joyful Global Missions’ programs and partnerships to serve a minimum of 10,000 people annually, to become a senior vice president in ACN, Inc., and to grow the Business & Nonprofit Legal Center to a firm of 5 lawyers, she’ll have her hands full. But, being a determined and self-motivated woman, D’Lorah is equipped to take on whatever comes at her as she strives to accomplish her goals. As for how she wants to be remembered, she states: “I want to be remembered as someone who loves God, loves people, loves living life to the fullest, and loves helping others to do all of the same.”

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