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Bridget Hayden

"Balance, Dedication, Strength"

Bridget Hayden is a Patrol Lieutenant with the Daytona Beach Police Department and a mom dedicated to serving justice in such a stereotyped profession. With 20 years of experience, she continually treats others with respect and dignity while working. She was born in 1973, the eighth of nine children and the youngest daughter of the bunch. Memorable moments in her childhood including playing sports and being surrounded by the support of her siblings. Throughout her youth, her parents also showed support and love, but also taught that with actions came consequences.

Growing up, Hayden headed off for college, graduating with an Associate degree. After achieving such, she spent her time working in the fields of sex crime and homicide as a detective and criminal investigation sergeant. For 20 years, she’s served Florida being a part of Law Enforcement, and is currently a Patrol Lieutenant.

Hayden’s personal life is filled with her two children, Jack and Jacquelyn who are both adults. She credits her greatest achievement as becoming a mom, saying that it taught her “balance, dedication, strength, and endless love.” Along with such, she loves things such as traveling, horseback riding, and shopping. She mostly keeps her life private and closed off, but she makes sure to spend time with friends and family.

After being on the job for so long, Hayden says she’s lost a sense of patience and is striving to become more patient with others. And though she has lost some patience, she’s gained many traits like “empathy, strength, motivation, support, gratitude, gratefulness and knowledge.” She recognizes her strengths like helpful and supportive, has goals of continuing to guide and teach officers and sergeants to become better and their profession. When all things end, she’d like to be known as a “strong African American female officer with a heart of Gold.”

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