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Aisha Webster

"Some challenges are not mine to fight"

Aisha Webster, 33, was born in Germany. She is the daughter of former military veterans. “My dad Gary is a retired Army veteran; my mom May was also in the Army. She has recently retired from the education system. I have one sister, Janeka, and two brothers, Gary (who retired from the Air Force) and Jeremy.

The family moved to Tennessee when Aisha was young. There, she was comfortable. She loved taking road trips with my family. Unknown to Aisha, the family would be moving. “My worst childhood memory is moving from Tennessee to Florida. I had become quite comfortable in Tennessee and did not want to leave my friends. My best childhood memory was taken.”

Moving forward from there, Aisha shared a major experience that helped her development. “My main achievement in life is completing my nursing degrees. I attended the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, which is an HBCU. Culturally, it was an experience like no other. Seeing so many of my peers that look like me, excelling academically and achieving their goals was inspiring. The lessons taught during my time on campus are still practices I live by on the daily. I also met my husband, Norris, at FAMU, so it is definitely special to me.” She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2011.

“I believe we all face challenges on a daily basis, some bigger than others. All I can do is take them on one at a time if warranted. Some challenges are not mine to fight so I pray about them.” One of those challenges happened when applying for a nursing program. “I initially applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner program in 2016. I was not accepted into that program and felt very defeated. I gave myself about three days of wallow before I decided to take another path. I applied, was accepted, and completed my Master’s of Science in Nursing Leadership and Administration after that denial. As I continue with my education, I hope to gain the skill to effortlessly transition from carrying out the orders as a nurse to diagnosing and requesting orders as a provider.”

Looking back, Aisha credits her sister, Janeka, for being a positive influence in her life. “My sister influenced my personal development. I've always looked up to her and as we got older, we grew closer. I admire her resilience, ambition, and outlook on life. She has taught me many things about life.”

“On a personal level, I want to become a golfer. I love the sport and admire the skill it takes to play.” Her hobbies also include crafting, exercise, eating, and dancing. “I love taking pictures, hanging out with friends and family, and shopping.” She’s been married to Norris for eight years. They do not have kids yet, but we have 5 dogs Skyy, Vex, Boosie, Remington, and Shasta.”

“I've learned to be patient and trust God in everything. My goals are to finish my current degree, obtain a position where I can truly flourish and start a family. I want to be remembered as good person who truly loved her family and lived life to the fullest.”

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