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We are hosting a crowdfunding campaign that will help provide the necessary seed capital to facilitate the scope of work to implement our expansion. Your involvement is crucial to the success of our campaign. Our ask is a financial commitment of $250 or $500. Looking for 40 individuals/firms who can come alongside us to see this goal realized.



Simply stated, our vision is to reestablish the benchmark of creativity. Our mission: to learn your why and what in order to craft personalized, polished, and professional representations in the marketplace. We will continue to accomplish these goals with your support. Our growth will enhance our ability to do so on a much larger scale. The KGI team will grow with the addition of two full-time employees, multiple vendors to fill the needs of our processes, and a company vehicle. Take the time now to make your pledge of $250 or $500 today. And yes, we will accept larger donations (they are always welcomed).  Click on the donate button.


One of the programs we now have in place is our KGI Community Initiative: How Can We Help? This initiative, established in 2019, was created to encourage and support the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals of our community. In our journey, we understand the stress, headaches, and tough decisions that come along with starting a business. With this program, we choose one entrepreneur to come alongside to help with business branding necessities that fall within our scope of operation.


We have partnered with One Daytona to hold the annual rePresent Photography Exhibition that's held in February in commemoration of Black History month. Due to an overwhelming request from budding photographers, in the 4th quarter of 2021, will be launching our KGI Mentoring Program. Our aim is to assist these newbies with understanding photography and the business of photography. And next summer, we will be introducing KGI's Summer Photography Camp. We will target youths from 12-18, and have beginners and advanced courses.


Big news as well. Along with the move, we will be receiving a fresh makeover for the KGI brand. We know that this will infuse new energy and increase brand marketability. 

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