We are glad that you've entrusted Kenneth Grant Inzpirations with your graphic needs. The graphic content of this page will be available for your viewing for the next 5 days.  It will expire on April 6, 2021. We look forward to receiving your decision by this date.  


Teresa Rand Boss Lady Teaser First Cut Presentation

We at Kenneth Grant Inzpirations are humbled that you entrusted us to create a design that will represent your organizational efforts! Please, look over the teaser video  in the slideshow provided.

We remind you that the first three revisions of the design are free. Any corrections of misspelled words will not count as a revision.  If you should go over three, there will be a $39 fee per revision.

*If you should screenshot any image in the design samples provided below and discovered posting to any social media or embedded in a website design, we will charge you a fee of $250 or proceed with legal action.

Boss Lady Testimonials Video 1 & 2

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Boss Lady Teaser First Cut 

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Boss Lady Teaser Second Cut 

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